Today’s global environment requires all banks to understand and adhere to global standards that protect the international financial system from financial crime and illicit conduct. AM Bank understands the importance of this responsibility and is fully committed to implementing global standards on all levels, including combatting money laundering, terrorism financing, and all forms of illicit finance.

AM Bank solicited the services of the Financial Integrity Network (FIN) – a premier strategic advisory and technical firm dedicated to assisting leading financial institutions to develop and implement effective and sustainable financial crime compliance practices that meet the highest global standards. The Bank’s engagement with FIN underscores its commitment to global standards and international best practices.


By engaging the Financial Integrity Network, AM Bank is investing in its people, policies, and programs to protect its customers, shareholders, the Lebanese Banking Industry and the global banking system from threats to financial integrity. This investment further secures AM Bank’s reputation as a trusted banking partner in the international financial system and as a leader in global financial crimes compliance and best practices.

AML & CFT Policy


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