• Our Mission

  • Here at AM Bank how we do business is as important as what we do.

    We seek to build trust-based and lasting relationships with our customers and can only do so through personalized services and innovative products that really answer their needs.

    We are driven by the belief that, together, WE CAN DO MORE.


  • Our Values

  • Honesty, integrity and customer focus are the cornerstones of our growth.

    They are the driving forces behind the realization of our aspiration of transforming of AM Bank into a world class bank..

    Every management initiative we implement aims at shaping the way our staff think and respond to customers.

    We want our values to underline every aspect of our bank, from the products we create to the systems we implement to the way we serve our customers.

    Living up to these standards day by day is what makes AM Bank the best place to bank.


  • What Makes Us Different?

  • Behind every bank are the bank’s people. And every single person at AM Bank believes in our motto: CAN DO.

    We want to communicate this belief to our clients, through complete transparency and openness, with the purpose of finding together solutions to all their banking needs.

    That is the power behind CAN DO: a positive outlook and a will to deliver products and services that really answer our customers’ unique needs. We listen to our clients and search for the right solutions within the legal and Banking Industry’s regulatory context. Because one can always do more and better, we are continuously developing and improving our culture, services, and products to ensure greater client satisfaction and loyalty.

    CAN DO is a philosophy our people and systems all align with.

Contact Info

Hamra, Abdel Aziz St., Yared Bldg.,6 Fl. P.O.Box :113-6260/ 1103 2110, Beirut, Lebanon

+961 1 344000


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