• Fresh Account

Do you own a business that operates internationally and need to send and receive funds across the world? Do you pay your employees in fresh funds and want your payroll domiciliated? Do you work with an international company or receive money regularly from abroad? AM Bank’s Fresh Account grants you the ability to freely manage all your fresh funds and much more.


Collect now all your inbound transfers with no delays or hidden fees, transfer money abroad, make online payments to your international suppliers, disburse salaries in fresh money, all while benefiting from the unique services that AM Bank has to offer, including but not limited to collection and delivery, fresh chequebook, online and mobile banking, etc..

Benefits & Offers :  

  • Withdraw the funds in the fresh accounts within 24 hours of them being duly received.
  • Domicile the fresh salaries of your employees and enjoy a seamless payroll management process.
  • Benefit from a fresh checkbook allowing you to pay fresh funds to third parties to be cashed at our counters.
  • Benefit from a fresh card to facilitate your online purchases.
  • Apply for international money transfers and schedule online payments via our online and mobile banking platform.
  • Withdraw and deposit fresh funds from the ease of your home via our delivery and collection services    
*Terms and conditions apply.

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