To us, Lebanon’s economic growth is tightly tied to its local entrepreneurs activity. That is why AM Bank has been a pioneer in supporting young ambitious people to finance their projects in the knowledge economy sector. We are particularly proud to have been the first bank to invest in a Lebanese startup under BDL intermediate circular 331.

Since then, we have launched YOUTHinc., an initiative that specifically boosts proactive entrepreneurs to start or grow their small and medium enterprises in the knowledge economy through a number of solutions and interventions, helping them grow and prosper locally and internationally.

Do you think you have a great idea that can be the next worldwide success story? Together, we can let your ideas take you to higher places. You think. We Invest.



  • Lebanese joint-stock company with nominal shares, operating in the ‘Knowledge Economy’ sector
  • Not a financial company or an offshore company
  • Company’s shareholders are not governed, whether directly or indirectly by the provisions of Article 158 of the Code of Commerce and by Article 152, Par. (4) Of the Code of Money and Credit.

    Required Documents

  • Documents evidencing the identities of the company’s shareholders or founders, or any person intending to participate in the capital subscription and the persons holding or expected to hold senior managerial positions (an individual extract from the Civil Status Register, an Identity Card, a passport, a copy of the registration file at the Trade Register if any of the founders or shareholders is a legal entity)
  • Statements signed by each of the above-mentioned persons, including their curriculum vitae (degrees, experience and other material information), an accurate assessment of their net worth and all types of companies in which any of them participates, whether directly or indirectly, or manages, along with the company type and relationship therewith (Chairman of the Board of Directors – member of the Board of Directors – Director – shareholder – partner – general partner – etc.).
  • A criminal record for each for the above-mentioned persons not more than three months old.
  • The Company’s bylaws or draft bylaws, and the administrative structure adopted or to be adopted.
  • A detailed description of the Intellectual Property under development
  • A detailed business plan including a projected future cash flow
  • Any other documents deemed necessary by Banque du Liban.

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