• Wedding Loan


  • Exemption of the monthly account service charge applied on the account
  • Free SMS alert whenever an amount is deposited into your wedding account
  • Free “thank you” SMS to every depositor
  • Two free Visa Platinum debit card connected to the Wedding Account
  • Free Service on all AM Bank ATM (cash withdrawal, statement of account, change of pin code,)
  • Free e-banking statement
  • Free e-banking service: a 24/7 access to the account, execution of transactions through the online banking service and through the Mobile banking application
  • Consumer loan for up to 100% (instead of 110%) of the Wedding Account The applied debit interest rate on the loan is:
    • 2% flat rate on the loans in USD
    • 2.5% flat rate on the loans in LBP
    • File fee of $50 or its equivalent in LBP
  • Free Credit card, Standard or Titanium:
    • A line of credit for up to 15% of the Wedding account balance
    • Additional limits can be approved upon submitting a proof of income
    • Loyalty program that can be redeemed by miles or gifts

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