• Plus Account

Clients aged above 18 can benefit from The Plus Account as a current account in LBP or USD. 
Noting that The Plus Account is not eligible for credit interest. 
Account monthly fee is USD 12 or LBP 18,000


Services and Associated Products:

  • Two free 25 page cheque books per year 
  • Free and unlimited bill domiciliation
  • One free inward transfer per year
  • Free monthly e-statement 
  • Free SMS on transactions
  • Free online and mobile banking
  • Free Classic Debit Card and one free supplementary classic debit card. Platinum Debit Card is subject to regular charges
  • Free netshopper card for the 1st year 
  • Free Titanium Credit Card and one free supplementary Titanium Credit Card (subject to credit decision)
  • 50% discount on personal loan file fees (subject to credit decision)


Commissions and Charges:

  • No commission on cash deposit for USD amounts below USD 5,000 daily. Regular commissions apply for amounts in excess of USD 5,000 daily. 
  • No commission on cash withdrawals
  • No commission on cheque deposits
  • Unlimited transactions per month
  • Other commissions and charges are in line with commissions and charges memo


Value Dates:

  • Same day value on LBP and USD cash deposits
  • Two day forward value on FX deposits
  • 3 day value on LBP cheque deposits
  • 4 day value on USD cheque deposits
  • One day back value on cash withdrawals (LBP and USD)
  • 2 day back value on FX withdrawals

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