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Just when you thought you couldn’t, you still can! When your business needs more liquidity, AM Bank Boost Account is a revolving credit facility that allows you to cater for your business needs and settle in minimum monthly repayments of 10% of your outstanding balance at the end of each month.



  • Up to USD 50,000 or LBP 75,000,000
  • No guarantor required
  • Quick and easy access to liquidity
  • Minimum monthly payment of 10% of outstanding balance

FAQ and Conditions

What are the general conditions to apply for the Boost facility?
  • Residency: Lebanon
  • Self-employed
  • Company operating for more than 2 years
What are the documents needed to apply for the Boost Account?
  • Two valid IDs (such as passport, ID ,syndicate card, civil register, driving license, etc.…)
  • Bank statement for the last 6 months
  • Income statement / balance sheet for the past year
  • Copy of commercial certificate or register, and other company related documents
  • Copy of rental contract or title deed for the premise where the business is operating
In which currency is the Boost Account available?
In LBP and USD
What is the maximum loan I can apply for?
USD 50,000 or equivalent
What is the minimum repayment amount?
10% of outstanding balance at end of month
What are the charges and file fees?
File Fees: Minimum USD 0 to USD 250 maximum depending on the limit of the facility and the package
Is there life insurance coverage?
Yes and subject to the client’s age.
How is the life insurance paid?
Either paid upfront or debited from Boost facility account.

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