AM Bank is one of the first banks in Lebanon to sign the Investors for Governance & Integrity Declaration, recognized by Banque du Liban (BDL). We are committed to constantly improving our governance practices and continue to demonstrate a high level of integrity, transparency and accountability, which have reinforced the market confidence in our bank.


Corporate Governance

Board of Directors


The current Board of Directors, elected in 2017, is composed of 6 members, with H.E. Mr. Marwan Kheireddine as Chairman of the Board. The members individually and collectively are endowed with the necessary knowledge, skills and expertise to advise and manage strategy, risk framework, internal audit and compliance controls, remuneration and corporate values among others.


H.E. Mr. Marwan Kheireddine

Chairman of the Board

Executive Member

H.E. Mr. Ibrahim Daher

Non-Executive Member

President of the Audit Committee

Mr. Ibrahim Houssami

Non-Executive Member

President of the Remuneration Committee

Mr. Mahmoud Zeidan

Non-Executive Member

H.E. Mr. Majid Jumblat

Non-Executive Member

President of the Risk Committee

Dr. Shadi Karam

Non-Executive Member

President of the AML/CFT Committee




Mr. Fouad Rahme

Advisor to the Chairman



Senior Management


AM Bank’s Senior Management ensures that the Bank’s strategy, risk appetite, risk framework and corporate values are properly implemented within the organization.  


Dr. Nahla Bou Diab

Deputy General Manager

Mr. Hadi Hammoud

Deputy General Manager for Commercial Affairs

Mr. Ramzi Khodr

Assistant General Manager





Mr. Anthony Al Bacha

Digital Banking Manager

Mr. Carlos Obeid 

IT Security Manager

Ms. Eliana Makhlouf

Treasury Manager

Mr. Ghassan Jumblat

Information Technology Manager

Me. Malek Arslan

Legal Department Manager

Mr. Marc Haddad

Operations Control Manager

Mr. Mohamad El Hajjar

Cards Operations Manager

Mr. Nader Timani

Compliance Manager

Ms. Nayla Rahbani

Communication Manager

Mr. Nazem El-Sankari

Commercial Credit Manager

Ms. Rana Labban

Customer Care Manager

Ms. Rana Saad

Head of Internal Audit

Ms. Randa Abi Saad

Dealing Room Manager

Ms. Reem Salameh

Private Banking Manager

Ms. Sandra El-Murr

Risk Manager

Mr. Semaan Mouawad

Correspondent Banking & Trade Finance Manager

Ms. Tala Bou Alwan

Organizational Development Manager

Mr. Youssef Khoury

VP of International Business

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