At AM Bank we proudly embrace our role as an institution that evolves and adapts according to the constantly changing needs of consumers in today’s world. We believe that our commitment to integrity, honesty, and transparency throughout our organization is key in maintaining a strong relationship with the community around us.

Since the very beginning, we have placed a great importance on Corporate Social Responsibility by encouraging and standing behind a wide array of educational, social, environment and sports initiatives. 

At AM Bank, we view corporate social responsibility as a constant opportunity and an ongoing effort to make a strong, positive impact on our community.. And, as an organization, we take great pride to have the privilege to serve and improve the world we live in.


    Through the years, AM Bank has supported numerous NGO-driven community development projects. Our contribution constantly seeks to help developing projects that are beneficial to citizens, communities and society as a whole.

    NGOs interested in applying for sponsorship can complete and submit the application form so that our Team can assess their request and the impact the NGO is having on the community.

    We review received requests semi-annually in June and December and confirm back to you in case of approval.

    Encouraging Lebanese talents

    If there’s one thing we are all born with, it’s this deep sense of pride for great Lebanese talents.

    At AM Bank, we believe in pushing talent towards greater horizons like supporting Ray Bassil, our national trap shooter whose achievements are taking her to an international level.

    It is armed with this sense of pride that we are supporting Ray on her way to the Olympic games, in the hopes that, on her quest for gold, she will put Lebanon on the podium of greatness with the world watching.

    Contributing to Educational Life

    Since 2000, AM Bank joined forces with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) which has been setting up Technology Access Centers (TACs) for young people in South Lebanon. AM Bank understands the crucial role that young people play in the human development process and has gladly sponsored two TACs in the southern villages of Hasbaya and Shebaa. The centers are equipped with computers, printers, and software libraries, teach computer literacy and offer Internet access. Today, these young people can, with the flick of a switch, take their place in global community.

    Moreover, AM Bank plays a pivotal role with various universities and associations to promote culture and take education to higher levels. The Bank carries out this mission by participating in job fairs to encourage further education and career development. AM Bank participated in fund raising events aimed at providing financial support to children across Lebanon to help them enroll in public schools. Similarly, the Bank took part in renovating and upgrading the Faculty of Business Administration & Economics’ library of the Lebanese University, Aley branch, thus providing students with a new learning outlook.

    Participating in Banking and Economic Forums

    AM Bank support the banking industry in many ways. We participate regularly in a number of banking and economic forums that address important issues pertaining to financial and economic development. We actively participate in a number of local and international banking, economic, and social forums, including but not limited to the yearly meetings of the World Bank and IMF, the Association of Lebanese Banks conferences and seminars, and events organized by the World Union of Arab Bankers.

    Sponsoring Festivals and Cultural Events

    AM Bank recognizes the important role art plays in our daily lives, and as such, we sponsor many festivals held in different regions of Lebanon.

    Environmental Activities

    AM Bank sees it as its duty to promote awareness creation for a cleaner Lebanon. We care passionately about the environment and have incorporated a strong environmental theme in our community activities, through educational and social programs.

    In this perspective, AM Bank has been active in ensuring that current and future generations appreciate Lebanon’s natural beauty.

    Engaging in Road Safety Campaigns

    AM Bank’s is actively engaged in a number of education and awareness campaigns; in particular the ones that engage the community in changing unsafe behavior on the roads.

Arab Architect

The federation of Lebanese engineer & the organization of Arab architect were organizing the Arab architect awards at seaside arena with the participation of the union of Mediterranean Architects UMAR and the international union of architects UIA

Rotary club of Lebanon

AM Bank partipcated in the "END POLIO WALK-A-THON", the First End Polio Event in District 2452. Under the Patronage of the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Youth and Sports; organized by the Rotary Club of Aley and in collaboration with Rotaract and Interact Clubs of Aley, this Project aims to raise awareness and funds to support the International End Polio Campaign.