12 November 2018

Diversity Unleashes The Hunger For Learning

Diversity Unleashes The Hunger For Learning

    Supporting cultural and educational activities has always been the center of attention of AM Bank, for they know how important it is to incorporate the entire community in the ideology of diversity and to help integrate it in most – if not all – fields of work. As part of their cultural and educational activities, the Center of Arts and Humanities at the American University of Beirut organized an international conference about the diversity in the Druze community over the past millennium.This conference took place on the 30 and 31st of October 2018 and included numerous activities such as art, food and culture which helped the public become more familiar with diversity existing in the Lebanese community. AM Bank participated in this event under their policy of Diversity, to promote their true belief in the need of the fusion between cultures in the work environment.


    “Diversity unleashes the hunger for learning”, affirmed Mrs. Khaddaj Bou Diab in her speech at the end of the conference, where she insisted on the importance of integrating gender diversity in the field of work. Mrs. Khaddaj Bou Diab stressed on the influence of diversity on our lives, and insisted on the fact that, without diversity, growth cannot be achieved, whether on a personal or professional level. Progress can only occur through accepting diversity in the community, and knowing how to manipulate it for the favor of all.


    “Learning is the one thing that made us dominant over the rest of the species on Earth” – Peter Drucker, the notion of diversity formed a topic of study in the academic field for so long, and was linked to the process of learning. Mrs. Khaddaj Bou Diab concluded the event with a concrete example, from her own experience at AM Bank, of how diversity can strongly affect the work ambiance and trigger creativity and innovation, in the purpose of highlighting the crucial role of diversity in the global community.

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