25 October 2018
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AM BANK Celebrates its New Branch Location in Aley

AM BANK Celebrates its New Branch Location in Aley

    Although most civilized countries in the world offer all their services to their citizens, they have not been able to secure the love, tenderness and solidarity to reach our goals. At AM BANK, we keep the goal in mind to disregard the negative sentiment around us. We continue to progress thanks to the sincere intentions of our teams and the confidence of our clients. ” Nahla Khadaj Bou Diab, Chief Operating Officer, Resources Bank, opened the statement at the bank’s move to Mall Aley.


    The ceremony, which was attended by political, economic and social figures and a host of customers, employees and media personnel, is part of the Bank’s strategy of continuous development.


    Mrs. Khadaj Bou Diab concluded by thanking the regional director of Mount Lebanon, Mohamad Talhouq and his team, who were the main reason behind all the achievements in the branch due to its embodiment of the principles of the general management of the AM BANK.


    Mr. Talhouk also thanked Ms. Khadaj Bou Diab, and the people of Aley who have been hosting AM BANK for many years, appreciating their participation in the ceremony despite the rainy weather.

    The development of the Aley branch goes in line with the policy of AM BANK in maintaining the base of its customers and staying close to meet their needs in addition to the provision of services and products of banking conforming to international standards.


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