06 March 2019

AM Bank Annual Lunch 2019

AM Bank Annual Lunch 2019

Ethics, transparency, and mutual respect are fundamental pillars behind our success”, this is how the Chairman Mr. Marwan Kheireddine inaugurated the AM Bank's Annual Lunch on March 2nd 2019 held at La Siesta Beach Resort – Khaldeh. He has also welcomed the Board Members and the employees working tirelessly at the organization.

Mr. Kheireddine reminded the AM Bank employees of their accomplishments as a result of an organization and culture that inspires dedication and innovation, enabling each and every employee to accomplish more, and strive for the best. The CAN DO spirit is in every person involved in AM Bank, channeling their objectives into a common vision.

Following the chairman’s speech, many awards were distributed to diligent employees and managers, as well as several branches, in recognition of their impressive work.

As the leading innovators in several banking categories, AM Bank has continued to grow and reach higher levels, driven by a young-spirited organization. The team functions as one big family working towards mutual progress while continuously evolving to the fast-paced environment.

The continuous growth that AM Bank has made throughout the years has been remarkable. Given the situation of the economy and the banking sector in 2018, the level of AM Bank achievements are a testament to the great leadership and the organization’s CAN DO culture that is continuously raising the bar to higher standards.   


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