• MasterCard Platinum Fuel Miles

    • Acceptance: Global
    • Currency: USD
    • Unique services available
    • No domiciliation of salary is required
    • 24/7 Customer Care service
    • No opening of account is required
    MasterCard Platinum Fuel Miles

    Whether for leisure or for work, driving has become endlessly rewarding!

    Designed to combine the luxury and experience of a Premium credit card with the convenient loyalty program of what a car owner needs, The AM Bank MasterCard Platinum Fuel Miles credit card is exactly what you need to enjoy the ride!


    Our contactless technology provides you a total convenience through a simple tap of your card and that is all it takes to pay at checkout.



  • Unlimited Access to 10 VIP Lounges in UAE, KSA, Egypt, Jordan and Kuwait
  • Purchase protection insurance covering USD 2,000 per incident and USD 5,000 per year
  • Free electronic services and dedicated delivery team for further convenience
  • Online secured purchases through the 3D secure technology
  • Luxurious experience of through MasterCard promotions and built-in services by visiting www.mastercard.com/lb
  • Download "MasterCard For You" application to enjoy a wide variety of travel, dining, shopping and entertainment offers
  • Shopping at over 100,000 U.S. retailers, including Apple, Amazon and Ralph Lauren and fast, reliable and affordable international shipping with MyUS.
    • 30% off shipping costs for first month following registration
    • 20% off shipping costs for remainder of 2 year membership
  • Ultimate payment flexibility
  • Loyalty program rewarding you with Fuel, and providing easy & fast redemption through our call center for multiples of 20 liters at any local fuel station
    • Miles do not expire
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