• MasterCard Gold Syndicate

    • Acceptance: Global
    • Currency: USD
    • Unique services available
    • No domiciliation of salary is required
    • 24/7 Customer Care service
    • No opening of account is required
    MasterCard Gold Syndicate

    AM MasterCard Gold Syndicate Credit Card gives you the privilege of holding a credit card with customized features and a one of a kind loyalty program especially designed for bankers.

    Designed following an exclusive partnership with the Syndicate of Bank Employees, AM Bank MasterCard Gold Syndicate Card combines the flexibility of a credit card with the rewarding system of a loyalty scheme and the technology of a contactless payment card, all to offer you a whole range of benefits and a significant purchasing power.



  • Free cash withdrawal from AM Bank counters
  • Free electronic services and from our dedicated delivery team for further convenience
  • Online secured purchases through the 3D secure technology
  • Ultimate payment flexibility
  • Loyalty program rewarding you with decreasing interest rate:
    • Monthly interest rate as low as 1% on purchases after having maintained a track of good payment history
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