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Fast, Convenient, Secure

American Bank now offers the speed, convenience, and security of “Online Statements”—your bank statements available in Online Banking. American Bank Online Statements are absolutely free. There is no charge for switching to Online Statements and no charge to receive them.

Online Statements are fast because there is no mailing time. You get your bank statement sooner and can reconcile your records sooner. Online Statements are convenient; they include all the same information that would be contained in a paper statement. You can access your American Bank Online Statement at home, at work, on vacation—anywhere using an Internet connection. You can store Online Statements in your computer or on a floppy disk or CD. And you can print them for reading or storage.

Online Statements are secure. Your Online Statement is only accessible via Online Banking which requires a secure User Id and password. American Bank uses online security systems and encryption that are among the best in the industry. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, electronic bank statements are much more secure against identity theft than paper statements. Most identity thieves obtain personal data from stolen U.S. Postal mail or from unshredded documents stolen from garbage cans and recycling bins. Electronic files present a much tougher target for identity thieves.

Enrolling in American Bank Online Statements is easy. Log into our Online Banking site, click on “Statements” and after reviewing and agreeing to the Statement Service Agreement and Disclosure, you can select the statement delivery method on all eligible accounts. Accounts available for Online Statements include checking, savings, money market, CDs and loans. Once the delivery method is changed to Online, the monthly statement will appear electronically in Online Banking. You will also receive an email notification that there is a statement available for viewing.

You will receive a combined Online Statement that includes your checking, savings, and other accounts in one easy to use and easy to track statement. Accounts must be titled the same in order to be included on a combined Online Statement.  Loan account statements will not be combined.

Online Statements requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or greater. Some browser default settings block downloads and pop-ups, you will want to allow pop-ups from the site or change the setting of your pop-up blocker to low. Because Online Statements are accessed through Online Banking, your PC must also meet the software requirements for Online Banking. These software requirements can be found in our Online Banking and Bill Payment Frequently Asked Questions.


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