American Bank - Fond du Lac branch

Ask Our Staff

Q: My business is growing and I need to move to a larger location.  What can you do to help? 

"Having to find a larger building to operate your business due to growth, is a great problem to have! To help, we offer commercial mortgage loans to help you finance the purchase of a location that will help take your business to the next level.  Once you are in your new building, perhaps you will need additional equipment to help meet the needs of your customers.  We also offer term equipment loans to finance whatever equipment you may need.  Give Isaac or me a call and let's talk!"

Jed Keller, Vice President, NMLS #509451 and Isaac Mueller, Assistant Vice President, NMLS #509446 specializing in commercial lending


Q: How much can we afford when purchasing a new home?

"Buying a home is a big decision and with our help,  you can be preapproved to buy the home you can afford.  At no cost to you, we can sit down and work through a preapproval and provide you with a letter to present to your realtor indicating what works within your budget.  Let us help you take the first step to being a homeowner.  Give me a call today!"

Rita Keys, Vice President, Loans, NMLS #507538


Q: I received my new debit card in the mail. How do I activate it?

You may activate your new debit card by using your new card and PIN number when making a purchase at a merchant, using your card at an ATM, or by calling American Bank’s Info-Line at 1-800-711-9292 and choosing option 1 then 7, after which you will enter your debit card number and the PIN for that debit card.

Peggy Zickert, Banking Officer, Customer Service Department