Important Information on Full FDIC Insurance Coverage

Full FDIC Insurance Coverage for Non-Interest Bearing Transaction Accounts will expire December 31, 2012. Beginning January 1, 2013, noninterest-bearing transaction accounts will no longer be insured separately from depositors’ other accounts at the same FDIC insured depository institution (IDI).  Instead, … Continue reading

New Generation of Savings Bonds

Are you looking to purchase savings bonds for holiday gifts?

The Treasury discontinued over-the-counter sales of paper savings bonds in January 2012. Savings bonds in electronic format remain available for purchase at: . In order to purchase a savings bond, you must open an account in TreasuryDirect. On this site there are also options for you to purchase bonds as gifts to other individuals.

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Then and now, we’re the “People’s Bank”

I recently came across a portion of our employee handbook from 1977 written by our first President. In the letter to the employees, he states, “When the bank opened its doors, the only other businesses in the area were the H.C. Prange Company and the Red Owl Store. The bank’s ‘slogan’ from the start has been the ‘Peoples Bank.’”

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