Then and now, we’re the “People’s Bank”

By James Chatterton, President

I recently came across a portion of our employee handbook from 1977 written by our first President. In the letter to the employees, he states, “When the bank opened its doors, the only other businesses in the area were the H.C. Prange Company and the Red Owl Store. The bank’s ‘slogan’ from the start has been the ‘People’s Bank.’”

This remains as the basis for our bank’s culture today. The “People’s Bank” was the first bank to offer free checking to senior citizens, pay interest on Christmas clubs, pay interest monthly on Certificates of Deposit and hold Saturday hours.

Even though the size of the bank has increased every year since its inception in 1968, we still proudly embrace the same philosophy as when we started. As the third President in American Bank history, I’d like to share with you that from our small beginnings in 1968 to today, the organization has been built on high principles and by honest and fair dealings.

Today we remain the “People’s Bank,” helping people in the communities we serve. We refer to it today as One-to-One Banking. You’ll call it refreshingly different.