Encryption takes online security to the next level

By Gloria Stenz, Vice President, Operations

Keeping personal information secure is, and should be, a concern for everyone today. When we think of the internet and security exposures, we often think of hackers using software tools to obtain confidential information. We may be cautious about entering credit card numbers when ordering online. We may use strong passwords and make sure no one is looking over our shoulder when entering our passwords. We may even shred documents that contain confidential information.

But do we use the same caution with email?

Because E-mail is sent as clear-text, our messages are visible to any other computer. With tools readily available on the internet that can record our messages without our knowledge, we need to consider what information we are including in email messages and attachments that we do not want to be visible to others; information like passwords, account numbers, debit card numbers, and social security numbers.

If you need to provide this type of information to someone you trust (like American Bank), consider calling or sending the information via fax or encrypted email. We recently added an encrypted email link to our website to make it easier and more secure for you to provide information that we may need for your deposit or loan accounts.