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Fuel Miles Card

This highly rewarding credit card offers you up to 120 free fuel liters once activated and even before usage! Accumulate additional Fuel Miles with every purchase you make using your Standard, Gold or Platinum Fuel Miles card and redeem them for premium quality fuel at ANY gas station in Lebanon.

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Card Types Standard Gold Platinum
Free Fuel Upon Card Activation 80 Liters (4 tanks) 100 Liters (5 tanks) 120 Liters (6 tanks)
Miles Accumulation Every USD 1 spent = 1 Fuel Mile Every USD 1 spent = 1 Fuel Mile Every USD 1 spent = 1.5 Fuel Miles
Credit Limit Range Up to USD 4,000 From USD 4,000 to USD 7,000 USD 7,000 and above
Card Price USD 75 USD 100 USD 125
Supplementary Card Price USD 35 USD 45 USD 65

Turn Your Purchases Into Miles

Call 1210 to activate your card. You will automatically receive a short message notifying you with the number of fuel liters you qualify to immediately.

Every time you use your card for purchases, online or at any local or international merchant, you will accumulate additional Fuel Miles. Your Fuel Miles balance will appear on your monthly statement.

You can redeem your Fuel Miles at ANY gas station in Lebanon. All you have to do is call 1210, and provide the following info:
Last 4 digits of your card number
Name of the station
Transaction date & amount

Instantly, the call center will check your available Fuel Miles balance and credit your account with the counter value of the redeemed Fuel Miles.

Redemption can only be in terms of multiples of 20 Liters = 3,000 miles. Extra Fuel Miles will be accumulated for the next redemption.

Note that:
Redemption can be done upon calling the Call Center only.
Redemption can be done for multiples of 20 fuel liters only.
Fuel Miles are accumulated based on purchase transactions posted to your card account.
Every Fuel Mile collected by a supplementary cardholder will be added to the main cardholder’s account.
Cash withdrawals do not qualify for Fuel Miles accumulation.
Fuel Miles will be lost once the card is closed.

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