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AL-MAWARID Bank and Allianz SNA create a new Bancassurance partnership for the Retirement and Education Saving plans
The Daily Star - 24-11-2008
AL-MAWARID Bank's future strategy is based on thinking outside the box

AL-MAWARID Bank S.A.L. was established in 1980, with its main objective, to provide its customers with a continuously evolving range of products that meet their needs and reflect the current global market trends.


AL-MAWARID Bank obtained a leadership position after the Lebanese war in 1994, by pioneering the introduction of credit cards on the Lebanese market.


We are all part of global village and thus our economy is affected one way or another. The Lebanese banking sector through its internal strategies, coupled with the solid strategies implemented by the central bank enabled us to weather this crisis well.


AL-MAWARID Bank focuses on market share growth by adapting and enhancing strategies based on retail needs and requirements.


AL-MAWARID Bank is committed to increasing the choice and convenience for its clients, and its innovations include introducing unique products and services, such as "banking delivery" to the client's doorsteps, as well as the decrease in interest rate loyalty program whereby the cardholder will benefit from a gradual decrease of the interest rate, and also the payment break on loans which acknowledges the clients' need to defer payments during high pressure seasons.


AL-MAWARID Bank has successfully launched the bonus program whereby all credit card holders benefit from bonus points which accumulate on any retail transactions made using AL-MAWARID Bank cards.


The bank's future strategy is based on thinking outside the box, staying in the lead and continuing to deliver the most needed and practical retail products to our clients.