Safety Tips to Remember When Mobile Banking

Don’t be scared off from using your mobile device to access your bank accounts. Just be sure to practice good, safe behaviors and keep track of your gadgets. With a little common sense and attention, mobile banking can be both convenient and secure. Here are a few important tips to remember when using a mobile device for your banking needs:
Password protect your smartphone
Always lock your phone when it is not in use
Set your phone to automatically lock after being idle for a set amount of time

Use our dedicated App for Online Banking
Download and use the bank’s Mobile Banking app or access online banking from the bank’s website

Don’t follow links to a banking site; criminals try to lure people to fake apps and/or websites
If you need to visit a website, type in the address yourself
Don’t set the web or text service to automatically log into your bank account. If you lose your phone, someone who knows what they are doing could get access to your information and have free access to your money
Treat your phone like a computer; update the operating system and download security patches and antivirus software if available for your phone

Do not use a public connection for Online Banking
Do not use a public Wi-Fi for Online or Mobile Banking. Use your network or cellular carrier whenever possible
Delete text messages received from financial institutions once you’ve read them
Delete the cookies and cache regularly if visiting our website using your phone

Do not provide personal or bank account Information using your phone
Never respond to email or text claiming to be from a bank or any company that requests your account information or personal details. Assume any text requesting personal or banking information is a scam. Giving out this information to someone you don’t know can put your identity and financials at risk
Don’t share your password, account numbers, or security questions and/or answers
Do not save this information on your mobile device or phone in order to remember it

Remove personal information before replacing your smartphone
Follow your phone manufacturer’s instruction to remove all personal information from your phone before decommissioning; do not rely on carriers or other third parties to “clean” your phone

If your smartphone is lost or stolen
Follow the recommended steps of your mobile service provider to report a lost or stolen phone.
Access the Mobile Banking Center within Online Banking to either temporarily disable your device or permanently remove your device.