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AL-MAWARID Bank and Allianz SNA create a new Bancassurance partnership for the Retirement and Education Saving plans
Retirement Saving Plan

Everyone wishes for a blissful and carefree retirement.

With the “RetirementPlan” proposed by AL-MAWARID Bank s.a.l. and Allianz SNA s.a.l.,you can secure your retirement while protecting your family, according to your personal preferences. 

What will you benefit from? 

• A minimum rate of return of no less than 5% until December 2018 
• An extra return on investment according to the dividends rate declared every year by Allianz SNA
• The same rate of return on optional additional feedings
• Protection on the sum insured and retirement amount against inflation with an annual variation rate between 1% and 10%
• A flexible plan that allows you to modify premium amount, variation rate,contract duration, sum insured, investment amount and beneficiary(ies) at policy anniversary
• The option to receive the retirement amount at maturity as a lump sum or spread over 10 annuties according to your preference
• Automatic direct debit from your account with no additional charges to settle the premium payments 

What insurance coverage will you get?

• In case of Natural or Accidental Death: the sum insured will be paid to the designated beneficiary(ies) as an immediate lump sum amount 
• Optional coverage :in case of Total Permanent Disability (Natural or Accidental)the sum insured will be settled to you over five yearly payments 

What are the characteristics?

• Age at entry :between 18 and 55 years old 
• Period of scheme:minimum 10 years, maximum until insured is 65 years old 
• Minimum premium: USD 50 / Month

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